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Project Description
This solution provides a blogging service to manage SharePoint publishing/wiki contents via Microsoft Word 2010/2013 or via Windows Live Writer.

Link to the service after deployment
http(s)://<URL of your web site>/_vti_bin/api/blog.ashx

SharePoint 2010 Blogging Service Beta 3

  • List existing pages
  • Create site pages or publishing pages by using default "Page Layout"
  • Edit existing publishing page or site page
  • Delete existing page
  • Uploading images
  • Embedding video from Windows Live Writer
  • ScribeFire 4 client supported (
  • Convert html styles to SharePoint styles
  • Only NTLM/Kerberos authentication supported

Unsupported yet
  • Categories management
  • Windows Live Writer integration (due to the authentication)
  • Keywords management
  • Comments management
    • List
    • Tags & Notes
  • Site Pages
  • Service settings
    • Page library option
    • Media library option
    • Categories options
      • Managed Metadata
      • List


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