• Download latest available wsp package from download section
  • Connect to the target SharePoint server
  • Open a SharePoint Management Shell


Add package

Add-SPSolution <Your package UNC>\VH.SharePoint.Api.wsp
Name                           SolutionId                           Deployed
----                           ----------                           --------
vh.sharepoint.api.wsp          2d815ad6-9a29-417a-91de-13963a43d8f7 False

Install package

Install-SPSolution vh.sharepoint.api.wsp -GACDeployment

Post Installation

Enabling artifacts at Web Application

  • Open your central administration
  • Click on Manage web application link
  • Select your web application and click on Manage Features in the ribbon
  • Activate the feature named Blog API

Check if it's reachable

To verify if the deployment is completed open a publishing site from your favorite web browser at this URL: http(s)://<Your SharePoint Site>/_vti_bin/api/blog.ashx or http(s)://<Your SharePoint Site>/_layouts/metaweblog.aspx
You should see the Help documentation auto generated by the web service.

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